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Zhangdian District, Zichuan district commercial office housing for rent and sale
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Zhangdian Hongcheng Financial Center commercial office building for rent, the west side of Beijing Road, close to the stadium, (area 254 square, 5 houses, can be rented), office decoration, rent and use, affordable price。Contact: Manager Zhai, Tel: 13706435711

Zichuan Aodu Manor 160-290 square meters of gold shops along the street for rent or sale;Hotline: 5767777

Zichuan Dupo Mountain villa two 873 square meters, with 1200 square yard for rent, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, wide use;

Zichuan Lutai Culture Road business building 60 square meters hardcover office for rent (2 houses can be sublet) ~ complete facilities;

Contact: Manager Zhai, Tel: 13706435711


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