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Runtai Harmony Garden

14770637226026762.jpgRuntai Xianghe Garden is located in the hometown of the world short story king Pu Songling ---- the ancient city of Zichuan。On this fertile land with a thousand years of ancient charm, the green mountains embrace each other, the natural treasures, and the outstanding people, giving birth to generation after generation of civilization。Runtai Xiangyuan living community is Shandong Runtai riding the strong wind development and construction, carefully built brand residential projects, she is like green space in the desert, is the yearning of pioneers, she is like peony in the flowers, delicate and charming Qunfang。Catch the sea to pick up shellfish, fine carving。Runtai Xianghe Yuan Community covers an area of more than 70 mu. It was originally the site of a bankrupt enterprise. The past glory has become overgrown with weeds and broken houses. The market economy has flooded this old land, but the sea of the market has refreshed this soil and refloated on the surface with a new look。

In 2001, Shandong Runtai Real Estate Company seized the business opportunity and obtained the right to use the land at the highest auction price at that time。After the careful planning and design of Runtai people, Runtai Xianghe Yuan Community has been built with novel design, complete functions, elegant environment and scientific property management。

The residential design reflects the concept of people-oriented, and all kinds of units strive to achieve the effect of bright ventilation, efficient convenience, comfort and safety。The overall design of Runtai Xianghe Park first reflects the principle of social benefits and user-friendliness. The road winding is wide, the entertainment and fitness plaza equipment is different, the green trees are continuous, the first floor is a scene, and the harmony is integrated。

Century-old building, quality first。The project quality of Xianghe Yuan community was awarded the municipal excellent project。Xianghe Yuan Community won the title of "Excellent residential community" in Zichuan District。

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