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Prajna Living area

14770632741383252.jpgThe living area is located in the middle of Zichuan city, north from Zihong Road, south to the river, east and west to the south extension of East One road and East two road as the boundary, the district is planned by the Zibo City planning and design Institute in accordance with the independent residential area, the construction of comprehensive supporting, complete functions, reasonable layout。The planned total construction area of the community is 350,000 M2, the total land area is 600 mu, and it is divided into five groups based on the surrounding roads and the backbone roads in the area。Namely: the southeast group, the Northeast group, the southwest group, the northwest group and the center group, each group is based on residential building groups, and a certain area of public facilities and gardens and green Spaces, so that the community has comfortable living, supporting services, convenient transportation, beautiful environment and other superior conditions。

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