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 ● Way of management

  Development ideas:Relying on reform to drive development, relying on innovation, relying on the market to gain benefits, and relying on management to survive

  Work guidelines:Diligent study, diligent thinking, diligent research, diligent summary, diligent practice

  Team building:


The construction of the company's talent team takes "morality, responsibility, ability and for" as the main line to set up an assessment mechanism, and form a procedural and institutionalized management system based on the execution mechanism, incentive mechanism, management mechanism, and selection and employment mechanism。

In terms of moral assessment, employees should have a high degree of loyalty, gratitude, and a sense of ownership of "enterprise as home";Love the company, obey the leadership of the company;Do not harm the company's words and deeds, consciously safeguard the company's interests;Abide by the rules and discipline, always consistent with the company's rights and interests。

Responsibility: to care about others, care about the enterprise,Be accountable to others,Responsible for the enterprise,Take responsibility for yourself;Be willing to give,Love your job;Take the initiative to undertake work responsibilities and obligations,Able to complete work tasks on time and with quality,Not to prevaricate about one's own work;To have a brave ability to take responsibility,The ability to make bold decisions。

In terms of ability: technical ability, conceptual ability, communicative ability, executive ability to analyze and solve problems, comprehensive ability to resolve and eliminate contradictions;

As a side: in its position to seek its government, to love their work, to have a job, to have goals, want to do things, can do things, do things。

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