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 ● Organization construction

14772306478135862.jpg■ Party organization building

The branch organizes party members to persist in learning from time to time, helps and guides everyone to learn and master the party's latest theoretical innovations, firmly establishes a high sense of responsibility for the party's cause and the company's development, sets an example in work, takes the lead, and effectively plays the vanguard and exemplary role of party members。And in practice work is transformed into the practical ability to make decisions, work, and benefit, so that the process of theoretical learning can become a process of transforming ideas, guiding work, establishing image, and realizing the company's development strategy。"Helping the needy" regularly arranges party members to visit and feedback information on the difficult people, and truly helps the difficult people out of their predicament。

■ Construction of trade union organization

In order to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of enterprise employees, the company actively establishes and improves the trade union organization。To carry out trade union work as required by the trade union at a higher level;Actively organize staff activities;Safeguard the interests and demands of employees;Actively help workers in need and other work。

■ Construction of women's federations

In order to give full play to the role of female social groups and women representatives, the company improves the quality and ability of women's Federation cadres to carry out work through learning and training, exchange and discussion, typical demonstration and other channels, so as to promote the company's female compatriots to better work and life, and help the company's sound development。

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