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Ordo Manor

14770619331764066.jpgOdu Manor is a simple European style landscape manor, she will be the Nordic landscape architecture and natural slope together, so that the residents can truly enjoy the exotic life!

Aodu Manor is backed by the Phoenix Mountain, west of Wenchang Lake Tourist Resort, there are mountains and water, so that travel is around。The leisure of "fishing on the green River" will also become a part of the life of the residents。

In addition to the full use of the surrounding natural environment and educational atmosphere, Odu Manor also has her strong location advantages。North of Jiaowang Road, you can direct to Jinan, from the remote wall airport only 50 minutes by car;East of Zhangbo attached line, direct to Zhangdian, Zhoucun, Boshan, Zichuan, located in the central area of Zibo City, enjoy 20 minutes of life circle。The south side is the North Road of the central area of the development zone, which is connected with the Zhangbo auxiliary line after completion;Further south is not far Songling West Road, 5 minutes to direct Zichuan the most prosperous area;One kilometer to the west is the Binbo Expressway, and the transportation in all directions has achieved the location advantage of the central district of Aodu Group。A few minutes to complete the city and nature switch, truly do not leave the city!

Aodu Manor is close to Zibo Teachers College and Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational and Technical College. The strong education system has achieved the educational advantages of Aodu Manor and provided the best educational resources for children。The project covers a total area of 480 mu, with a total construction area of about 300,000 square meters, and is developed in three phases。Phase I (Area B) is a low density residential area。The first phase adopts the European simple architectural appearance of one household one design, the color of the building facade is friendly, soft and elegant, the blue-gray slope roof, the beige building exterior wall, the finely carved Roman Columns, and the carefully created cultural stone, which fully shows the dignity and atmosphere。The area range of 274-520 square meters, overlapping, double and other collection units, double courtyards, multiple terraces, leaving enough space for outdoor activities。The second phase (Area C) is the bungalows area, which contains two kinds of products: multi-storey and small high-rise。

This project uses a variety of high-end living technology means to fully create an energy-saving and healthy living environment。A ground source heat pump central air conditioning system is installed in each household,Heating and cooling are achieved through geothermal resources more than 100 meters underground,And achieve 24 hours of domestic hot water;The external Windows of the building are made of broken bridge insulating hollow laminated tempered glass aluminum alloy Windows,The door adopts the brand entry copper door;The park's solar street lights, solar landscape lights and water recovery system,So that Ordo Manor successfully integrated technology into the noble manor life。

Phase II (C Area), as the first residential development project in Zichuan District to pass the pre-examination of Class A residential performance certification design, took the lead in passing the interim inspection of national Class A residential performance certification in July 2012。The area range of 89-159㎡ multi-storey, small high-rise residential, to meet the needs of owners for all residential formats。

Aodu Manor specially hired national level property management - Beijing Junhao Property to take care of the owner's living life, establish a dynamic service system: all-weather security, community cleaning, landscape maintenance and housekeeping services, intimate and thoughtful;24-hour closed management, for the community owners to create a unique sense of honor and full sense of security。With the standard of serving luxury homes in first-tier cities, Aodu Manor is bound to allow owners to enjoy more distinguished professional services。

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