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Zichuan Prajna living area, Runtai Xianghe Garden living area, "Aodu Manor" a familiar mature community, a landmark real estate business card, highlighting Shandong Runtai Real estate Development Co., Ltd. this real estate enterprise solid heritage。

Shandong Runtai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, the main real estate development, the annual development capacity of 200,000 square meters。The company has developed a total land area of more than 2,000 mu, and residential and commercial houses are about 1.5 million square meters。Shandong Runtai Xinxing Real Estate Service Co., LTD., Zibo Runtai Bede Economic and Trade Co., LTD., Zibo City Zichuan Deguiyuan Cemetery Co., LTD., and the joint venture Zibo Kangrun Investment Development Co., LTD。

Virtue is the virtue of the world。Runtai Company, "virtue" and "letter" is the basic principle that requires everyone to do, this is the case for life, and it is even more so for enterprises。Speaking of "virtue", Runtai Company has consolidated its strength and won the support of all aspects of society;Integrity, so that Runtai company won more partners, create a broader space for development。The core values of being honest, doing things seriously, contributing to society, serving enterprises, and creating a better life are always the goals of our work and pursuit。The company adheres to the spirit of "dedication, diligence, innovation, beyond", the service purpose of "building mass quality, enriching the broad people's livelihood", and the beautiful vision of "leading the development of the industry and creating a century-old enterprise"。The company has won the provincial "contract and credit" enterprise, the municipal "consumer satisfaction unit", the municipal "integrity real estate" development enterprise, five consecutive years by the district Party Committee and the district government issued the "Zichuan District social Contribution Second Prize", "integrity tax enterprise", "3A real estate development enterprise credit rating" and other honorary titles。

Shandong Runtai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. after years of development, the current development project resources are rich, the management mechanism is scientific and formal, the staff is united and enterprising, is ready to meet the arrival of a new wave of rapid development, the company is willing to work with you to enjoy the joy of success together, create a better future。

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